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In such competitive world, it is must for all to have good education. Aditya Group with its motto ‘Serve the Humanity’ imparts quality education to students of the state as well to students from neighboring states and nations by providing the best holistic education and scientific study programs.

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Founding date -In 1996


Aditya Academy Senior Secondary- Dum Dum

Aditya Academy is unique institution among the others that has emerged in the city as a hub of prosperity in the past time.

The institution is led with a vision to not only disseminate education but also to ensure a future balanced society for the benefits of mankind and growth by sowing the seeds of fundamental value orientation for life into the young hearts at Aditya Academy.

The school takes a stellar role in providing the valuable knowledge and social experience to the future citizens and navigates their potentials toward successful cohesion of knowledge and implementation in their formative years. A budding persona needs proper motivation and confidence to take on the challenges of life and succeed; but what lies beyond success is the formation of a persona enriched with compassion, knowledge and vision.

Therefore, the institution is dedicated to imprint the value orientation in the formative years of a child which would enable the child not only to grapple with problems of life but also to transform the realistic dreams of life into success with ease.

Aditya Academy Secondary ( Barasat )

School is the sanctum where young minds are nurtured and developed into torchbearers of the future. The education at school level forms the foundation stone for a persona and the texture of the society.

We, here at Aditya Academy, serve our best to provide appropriate environment for the young minds to get enriched with knowledge, social experience and the fundamental values of life. The modern individual, amidst the global scenario, needs to be multi-skilled to stay upbeat with the changing times.

Aditya Academy provides the best care and attention to the young individuals and ensures the space for opportunities to grow and flourish. The school offers a wide array of opportunities, both academic and extracurricular; to the students with a vision to promote a student led and faculty guided curricula. We believe in reinventing ourselves with time, whenever necessary.

The school was transformed into a digital campus in 2015 for ensuring the best care and amenities for the students. We believe in the vision that learning is lifelong process and students should not only find better ways to life but also enquire the existing ones and explore for newer paths.

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Founding date -In 2002


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Aditya Academy Junior

Aditya Academy Junior aims at successful deliverance of education by encouraging clear thinking, recognizing individual talents among students at different stages of development, illustrating the interrelationships of all human knowledge and inculcating the virtue of tolerance so that they can meaningfully contribute to the national and international society.

At Aditya Academy Junior, we like to challenge our wards to dare to fully open their minds like billowing parachutes to the ultimate parameters that one can attain. Aditya Academy Junior, situated at R.B.C, Jangalpur provides ample scope to the students to achieve their full potential academically and through a wide range of artistic activities in a disciplined environment.

The school fosters an appreciation of human skills and stimulates intellectual curiosity among students so that they can see learning as a lifelong process. The school motto, ‘Serve the Humanity’ is strongly imbibed among the students of this institution. The school offers a secure, happy and stimulating environment which aims to combine excellence in teaching with enjoyment of learning.

Children are encouraged to develop intellectually, physically, aesthetically, socially, emotionally and spiritually. Aditya Academy Junior, children are taught in a free atmosphere where they do not remain confined within the world of bookish knowledge but explore, think and invent with an innovative mind.

We believe in providing ‘EDUTAINMENT’ to our students so that attending school or listening to lectures no more seem to be drudgery of life for the children. At the doorsteps of the new digital era, Aditya Academy Junior has reinvented itself with Smart Classes.

The new age Smart Classrooms are equipped with the latest digital means like computers and interactive teaching software, making lessons more enjoyable and easier to perceive for the new age learners. The institute is digitally facilitated which helps in frequent update through message service to keep the students, parents and the teachers updated about studies or any other activity in the campus. Cleanliness and hygiene is strictly maintained within the campus.

At Aditya Academy Junior we provide opportunities for children to actively use their senses as they explore their world through ‘sensory play’ which is crucial for brain development. Emphasis is also laid on open ended teaching- an effective learning tool, which helps student develop their language and vocabulary skills along with providing a creative platform to think all by themselves.

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Aditya Academy of Excellence

Aditya Academy of Excellence is an English medium co-educational integrated and independent school, affiliated to the West Bengal Council for Higher Secondary Education.

At Aditya Academy of Excellence, we aim to provide a single, methodical and innovative platform where students are coached in a scientific manner for excelling in Boards and competitive examinations. An integrated independent school, Aditya Academy of Excellence caters to engineering and medical aspirants, helping them prepare for JEE (Mains / Advanced) (formerly IITJEE), NEET UG, WBJEE, KVPY, ISI, BITSAT, OLYMPIADS, AIIMS MBBS and JIPMER MBBS along with the regular higher secondary curriculum, all within the stipulated schooling hours.

No necessity for any extra tuition classes whatsoever, so students gain a lot of self study time – an important ingredient for success in the boards and the various competitive examinations.

Our innovative classroom delivery and teaching methodology ensure that students develop crystal clear concepts based in Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry and Biology.

AAOE, consistently focuses on ‘application based’ questions and numericals that test a student’s ability of applying concepts they learn – adhering to the latest pattern of the JEE / NEET and other competitive examinations as opposed to the stereotypical formulae-based, board level questions.

At Aditya Academy of Excellence we are committed towards providing quality education to our students so that they can face the challenges of life and be able to walk in the competitive race for excellence. Apart from following the full-fledged school syllabus, Aditya Academy of Excellence unlike other schools will help students excel and perform at the highest level by our well designed integrated programmes.

With best quality accommodation facilities, learning at Aditya Academy of Excellence is a unique blend of discipline, happiness and enrichment. Specially compiled daily class handouts, weekly chapter tests, quarterly phase tests, followed by doubt solving sessions and micro analysis, track students’ progress, and rectify problem areas making life easy at Aditya Academy of Excellence.

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