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The foundation of the Group’s diversified portfolio has been the Real Estate Wing. Since being traders in the mid-1980’s, the Group quickly branched into the real estate business, specifically via construction and development.

Most of the developments have been for ‘internal consumption’ such as schools, a hospital, and a hotel. For the outside market, we have constructed mostly residential apartments and condominiums which have been built in line with the Group’s motto of providing quality products and services at most affordable prices.

The state-of-the-art facility of The Aditya Academy built over a sprawling 30-acre campus at Barasat is a landmark project of which the real estate team of Aditya Group is very proud.
A construction area of around twenty thousand square meters, an international size cricket and football stadium, and beautiful strategic landscaping is what makes this campus truly international.

The original focus of Aditya Group’s business model was typical of property developers, to build and sell or work on contracts for other people’s projects. However, once the school aspect of the Group came onto the scene, things changed, as the construction team was heavily focused internally. One school quickly expanded into several and during this period our founder Mr. Bhaskar Aditya started to go in a different direction with money no longer his prime motivation.

Although remaining busy with its own internal requirements, the real estate team is now looking at again expanding its business for external clients and not limiting itself to just internal requirements.

Some of the key projects under the Real Estate Wing are as follows:

Aditya Academy Secondary Barasat Campus

Aditya Academy Senior Secondary Dumdum

Aditya Head Office

Aditya School of Sports Cricket Stadium

Only private cricket stadium in West Bengal
Mentioned above are some of the flagship projects that shine in the portfolio of the Real Estate Wing.
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