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Management Services

Aditya Enterprise was originally established in 1984 to centralize the management of the companies within the group.

The group offers implementation to complete comprehensive management services, restructuring consultancy, 360-degree sales and marketing services, including social media expertise. We have contracts in place with no less than twelve companies spread across four countries and are managing over a thousand individuals that are directly employed by us. Our social media marketing arm currently serves over a thousand businesses.

The investment company we work with has several agreements in place to raise money to develop real estate projects, having successfully raised hundreds of millions of dollars to finance construction of hotels, condominiums and water parks throughout Southeast Asia, including brands such as Holiday Inn, Best Western, and others.

Being based in Kolkata, where the salary level is relatively very low but the capabilities of the people are very high, gives us a huge benefit when trying to win contracts in this field.

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