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Kali Pujo 2018

Kali Pujo 2018
Aditya Residence celebrates every essence of the Kali Puja, which not only showcases the blend of creativity but also rich heritage & tradition.Celebrated for the past 70 years in Kolkata, and previous to this in Bangladesh, this Kali Puja of Aditya Residence is almost 300 years old. This is perhaps one of the oldest Kali Pujas’ since the era of undivided Bengal till today. The tradition of Kali Puja was brought to Kolkata by their fore fathers of this bonedi family and then nurtured by Late Mr. Bhaskar Aditya, and is currently being taken forward by the present generation- Anirban Aditya and Ankit Aditya. This wonderful happening will take place at the residence located at 182 Jessore Road, Amrapalli, Kolkata-700074.

Apart from being patrons of Bengali cultural renaissance, this family had also invested a lot in charity and especially for the festivals in Bengal. In the epicenter of Bengal's cultural resurgence, Aditya Residence is the heartland of erstwhile Calcutta's traditional community, who hosts Kali Puja. This Puja, is an opportunity for everyone to experience North Kolkata's quintessential bonedi barir pujo with its rich history and unique rituals. This year Aditya Residence celebrates “Colours of life!” Colours are vibration of lights and are present all around us involving in every aspect of our life. Life would have been dull and meaningless without it, and this is what they are portraying via their creativity, and a message to take home.

Sports Celebrity Jhulan Goswami, Sujit Bose- MLA Bidhangar, and many other renowned faces of Tollywood mega serials attend the program.Aditya Residence puja is an integral part of Kolkata’s legacy of Bonedi Barir pujo and tells us the tale of Kali Puja, which not only showcases the blend of creativity but also rich heritage & tradition. From traditional rituals and close family bonding, Aditya Residence puja shows how Kali puja is done rightly!


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