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Aditya Group is bent on exploring upcoming trends and practices in the entertainment sector of the world. Our production house is resolute to instill modern trends in the conventional Indian Film industry. This section deals in audio-visual productions and audio-visual post productions along with digital, print and OOH publicity campaign. So far, we have produced feature films, short films, Ad films, music videos, human interest documentaries, industrial documentaries and corporate documentaries.

Say Cheese Studio

Say Cheese Studio is an all-purpose multimedia studio. Propelled by a team of young talents, the studio essentially deals with audio-visual productions and post productions, designing solution and publicity solutions.

It has run the entire post production work and publicity campaigns for two short films, Identity and The Late Night Show. We have run digital, prints and OOH campaigns for Michael Clarke in Kolkata. We have also worked on the digital, prints and OOH campaigns for Maradona’s latest visit to Kolkata which included two ad films and multiple radio jingles.

Say Cheese Studios produces human interest documentaries, industrial documentaries and corporate documentaries. It has produced industrial and corporate documentaries for Kutchina, human interest documentaries for Bajoria Trust Foundation on sex trafficking and life of sex workers. Apart from these Say Cheese Studios has also made promotional contents for films like K.

Aditya Production and Entertainment Private Limited

Aditya Productions is a Films production house resolute to instill modern trends in the conventional Film industry. Aami Aar Aamar Girlfriends released in 2012 is a fine work of Aditya Productions and Entertainment Pvt. Ltd with a famous Bengali director Mr. Mainak Bhowmik. The film is symbolic to the objective of its production house. The production house has also produced an awareness documentary- Sex in the City of Joy, a document film yet to be released. With many more Audio Visuals yet to be released, Aditya Productions has started to bring about a revolution by their offbeat and bold concepts.

Aditya Productions and Entertainment & GreenTouch Entertainment are soon releasing their upcoming Bengali feature film- Thai Curry, directed by Mr. Ankit Aditya.

As a new age film and music director, Mr. Aditya has given direction to films (Identity, Aami Aar Amaar Girlfriends, Maach Mishti and More), and music videos (तेरी DP), many of which have been recognized and awarded in multiple prestigious platforms.

As a director, Thai Curry, Reza, The Late Night Show, and 2 Maradona Ad Films are the latest of the batch.

Get ready for the years’ greatest hit, Thai Curry – a tale of 3 friends and their roller coaster ride of life shot entirely in Thailand, releasing 1st March 2019 at your nearest theatres.

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