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CSR Activities

Aditya Group frequently indulges in many activities outside of their regular services, in order to reach a balance in economic, social and environmental imperatives by reaching out to those in need and work toward a better future.

These activities are strictly non-profitable and are executed by integrating far or immediate social and economic concerns.

It was our founder Mr. Bhaskar Aditya’s unconditional love towards the society that since the foundation of the group till date, his legacy is being followed by the next generation of the Aditya family.

To mention a few below is a brief account of our latest CSR activities:

Felicitation of Group D Staff

The group D staff of Aditya Group, who makes it possible for the rest to run any job or venture each and every day with their tireless assistance, are one of the most important parts of the organization.

Aditya Group felicitated them on this year’s Foundation Day Celebration on February 8, 2018, acknowledging their relentless efforts in work.

Cricket Association for the Blind of Bengal

Aditya School of Sports is now the proud official sponsor and managing partner of Cricket Association for the Blind of Bengal. We will raise our strong voice for them and do our best for their bright future. From now they are in safe hands but that has to multiply.

Iqra Rasool

Iqra is a budding pacer from Kashmir, who studies and trains in Aditya Academy Secondary and Aditya School of Sports.

Aditya Group, discovering Iqra through scouting and media mentions, has initiated to provide her the best infrastructure, training and education to encourage her talent and determination free of all costs.

We hope, Iqra prospers and inspires others to be as determined and fearless as her.

ATK Aditya Football Academy

The academy had been set up under our CSR activity, exclusively for players selected from all over eastern India as the junior team of the ISL franchise ATK.

The young players train in football under best professionals, study in Aditya Academy Secondary and live in the school’s residential facility free of all costs.

So far in two years, two batches of students, 15 in each are being trained. One qualifies
under the U15 segment and the other under U13.

Academic Scholarships

Aditya Group has offered full scholarship to the two toppers of Aditya Academy in CBSE Board Examinations in 2018. Srijan Sengupta and Barsha Bakshi, both with score 98.2% in boards receive full scholarship in the XI standard.

Aditya Academy also offers several other scholarships to anyone who has scored above
90% in boards.

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